Stadium Masks


Where are your masks made

Our masks are made in Guangdong China at a facility registered with the FDA.

Why aren't these masks going to hospitals or other healthcare facilities who need the supplies?

Healthcare workers in the immediate vicinity of known COVID positive patients are likely in search of standard N95 masks or other masks for medical use. The KN95 masks on this website are for general use, and are not being sold for medical use.

What is the difference between "General Use" and "Medical Use"?

Medical Use claims for masks require a registration process for recognition of American standards for device certification.  For example, NIOSH certification states that a particular model of N95 mask has met testing parameters to qualify for using the term NIOSH. For these reasons the masks on this site are being sold for general use only.

Are these masks safe?

Yes! A Cambridge University study tested the effectiveness of homemade masks as an alternative to commercial face masks and found that commercial masks offer superior protection to their homemade counterparts. Please also read The New York Times' recent story about KN95 effectiveness.

How long till my masks arrive?

Masks that are in inventory should arrive in approximately 10-14 business days, shipped via UPS. During the COVID crisis, air freight from China is delayed due to high demand. Our supply line managers are doing all they can to accommodate your order and we thank you for your patience.